Dewalt Disc Sander (6 Amp 5")

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Chattanooga, TN 37412


The DWE6041DS 5 inch VS Disc Sander with Dust Shroud delivers performance in high torque sanding applications with a 6 Amp motor to shorten sanding process. Mid-handle design with soft grip and side handle provides increased balance and relieves user fatigue. Option to connect dust shroud to vacuum collection improves work environment. 6 amp motor delivers performance in high torque sanding applications to speed up the sanding process 0 - 3,700 OPM variable speed trigger dial provides versatility in a wide array of sanding applications Adjustable dust shroud can be connected to vacuum to provide improved working environment Mid-handle design with soft grip and side handle provides increased balance and relieves user fatigue Accepts 5" 8-hole hook & loop paper, allowing for readily available paper to be changed quickly and easily COMES WITH 2x each of 40-grit, 80-grit, 120-grit, 240-grit, 320-grit sanding discs (additional sanding discs can be provided at extra charge)

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